Café Mor is not, as you might suspect a café at all. It’s a food truck on the edge of one of the most rugged and wild beaches in Pembrokeshire: Freshwater West where the dunes seem to scurry down to a wide, gold sand beach book-ended by craggy cliffs and, happily for the kids, abundant rock pools. They started out with the aim of feeding the surfers that flocked here to catch the break, but people soon caught on and before they knew it they were winning awards from the BBC and being invited to have a stand at the London Olympics. Them being Pembrokeshire folks and all, such frivolities have not gone to their heads – although they are going to work in Tokyo this autumn – and they’re still out there, day after blustery day, selling the best, freshly grilled lobster and mackerel rolls topped with black butter infused with the local laverbread (seaweed), to ladies like us needing sustenance after a blustery walk along the shore. Thank heaven for Café Mor.