One of our best-selling products these rayon (cactus silk) and cotton Jewel napkins are hand-woven in the Middle Atlas on traditional looms. By mixing the yarns our weavers have created large format (so they lay across your lap just-so), hard-wearing, stain-repellent napkins in a range of jewel-like colours. Mix and match for a jewel-like table setting, and assign each guest a colour so you can re-use. Details & dimensions Sizes: 35cm x 45cm Colours: Ruby, Jet, Gold, Sapphire, Emerald. Textiles: Rayon and cotton, with fringe Care instructions Dab deep stains with detergent before washing at 30º. Iron when dry. NB: a small amount of shrinkage may occur on the first wash. Shop To place your order please email us direct at stating the product name, size and colour.  For shipping we will require your full name, address and telephone number. Shipping included.